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DBC provides a modern alternative to paper business cards that can be shared in the blink of an eye. We are committed to focus on utilizing a new sustainable technology to create a new way for humans to connect and build networking opportunities.

Fast. Safe. Easy. Green.

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DBC is at the cutting edge of information exchange technology.

A new way to bridge online connections and in-person relationships.

DBC is all about growing your professional network. It is an all-in-one Digital Business Card and contact management system that will give you an advantage in today’s new age business environment.

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What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is the newest way of sharing contact information that uses the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. A digital business card can be easily shared through text, email, social media, or QR codes. Unlike traditional cards, DBC also allows you to provide multimedia elements like videos and images, and allow for easy updates and customizations.

How does a DBC digital business card work?

A DBC works by electronically storing contact information that can be shared with ease and accessed through digital platforms. Once the digital card is created, users can fully customize their card layout, provide contact information and add multimedia elements. Recipients of digital cards can then instantly save the information without having to manual data entry.

Digital business cards offer numerous advantages over traditional paper cards, making them a valuable tool for networking and professional communication in today's digital age. They are not only convenient but also versatile and eco-friendly.

The most-advanced contactless business cards

Since a digital business card has a contactless mode of application, it is a product that raises the bar of doing business in the post-Covid 19 era. Using a DBC card allows you to update your information on the go and share it with a single tap

Personalize your Digital Card to reflect your brand image

Physical business cards, resumes and portfolios were limiting a professional’s ability to provide more information than the bare minimum. With DBC cards, you can incorporate your accreditations in detail, add pictures and videos that give a more dynamic appeal, and instantly update information. You can also include your social media accounts, company logos, PDFs, Help page, Venmo and much more. DBC cards and app are loaded with features that truly set them apart from traditional business cards.

Share your professional information with a tap. The options are unlimited

Click or tap, and it is done. Everything you want to share is done in a snap. The person you are sharing your info with does not need to have DBC. But after they see what all you can do with yours they will want one too.

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Why should you choose DBC?

DBC boasts of more features and a smoother user-experience than its competitors in the market. Along with being the forerunner in digital technologies in the business world, DBC provides assets that make it the ideal tool for professionals and businesses.With an unlimited amount of options available within DBC, cards also come in many environmentally friendly options like cards made out of bamboo. DBC is the preferred digital business card for subscribers across countries like the U.S., Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and more.

Digital cards for teams

DBC cards offer subscription plans for corporate teams and businesses of all sizes. The customer support team of DBC helps assist businesses in structuring brand management, providing accurate data and promoting paperless interaction to drive the sustainability initiatives. Your teams would appear modern & professional with DBCs.

The most secure digital business card

DBC cards and our DBC app are SOC 2 compliant and use the safest technologies for protecting customer data. We associate with independent security experts to ensure our card and app have high-end security features for privacy and compliance controls. Your data is continuously monitored by our security teams so that we can promise the tightest security on your personal information.

Our software and app developers and our security associates work tirelessly to provide a glitch-free, safe user experience for you. We keep track of and monitor all the 120 controls incorporated in the functioning of the digital business card and app. All DBC employees are mandated to participate in annual security training and tests to bring in the latest practices digital platforms employ when it comes to handling sensitive information of our customers.